Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A word of thanks.

Crystal here. (Jaida's off busy being cute at this moment. Sorry.)

We just want thank the folks in our lives (real and virtual) who have taken the time to let us know we're doing an o.k. job with this little pup of ours. You all made a big difference, and your kind words came when they were needed most. So...thanks.

EXCUUUSE ME! Jaida here.

Boy, mom's been hogging this blog lately, huh. My crafty teeth and I will have to have a word with her ankles about this.
Pardon me? Nothing.

I would like to tell you all that my ONE GOOD LEG is feeling considerably more like it's old self, and I am back to my usual hopping about, with much less bonking and more dangling of my boo-boo leg. I still am BALD on my ONE GOOD LEG, which is most unbecoming to a gal of my loveliness. Moms tell me that I should get used to the BALD-ness, and that I "haven't seen nothin' yet", and whisper about something called a SUR-GER-EE. I'm not entirely sure what they mean, but mom Crystal gave me a BATH last weekend, so maybe she's thinking about a new hairdo for lovely me? Personally, I don't think that BALD would be a very good look for a gal of my loveliness. My teeth and I will have to have another word with her about that too.....

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louthepou said...

Don't go for the ankles, go for the calf muscle (it's much more chewy).