Friday, December 12, 2008

The cuteness. Honestly. And some bendiness.

Crystal here.

Can you stand it? Can you really? It's just too much.

I'm grateful that Charlotte's Mom#1 lets me post these pics. Like me, she became a google addict when this little bendy entered her life, and found frustratingly little information, let alone PICTURES for goodness' sake, of other dogs with leg deformities.

Charlotte's bendiness is different from Jaida's. In my humble opinion, it's pretty neat-o (but then I'm a geek that way, y'all know that). She seems to have a bit of bone protruding in the upper arm, near her armpit (do dogs have armpits?) The vet is planning to xray when she's 6 months, and in for her spay, and they'll figure out what best to do for the arm, if anything, at that time.

(Is it just me, or am I crazy for wanting to smoochie-smooch that bellie???)

Charlotte's Mom#1 is in that lovely limbo-land I remember so well: what on EARTH is going to happen with this pup's arm, and when? The waiting and wondering can be oh-so-frustrating. Sometimes you just want all the questions to be answered RIGHT NOW so you get just get on with gettin' on.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Call the paramedics!!!

Crystal, intrepid reporter, reporting live:

Mr. Dino is down, I repeat, Mr. Dino is down!!! All units report!!!

Jaida takes full advantage of the weakness in her nemesis..."quick, get him while he's down!!" (stuffing flying everywhere)

"Here, let me help, we'll tag-team him!!!"

"Victory is ours, bwah-ha-ha!!!!"

Update: Although the attack on Mr. Dino can only be described as opportunistic and malicious, he has survived the encounter. He thanks the hoomans for their quick response and, although his arm will never recover, he is thankful to be alive...

Monday, December 1, 2008

A face only a mother could love.

Crystal here.

Heidi. Upright: cute. Squishy, but cute.

Upsidedown: not so cute.