Monday, October 29, 2007

Happy fall!

Jaida here.

My gorgeous three-legged self and the fabulous Miss Gracie want to wish everyone a happy fall!

The very small person.

Jaida here.

The very small person, Jacob, visited us again for the day. He has many toys that have a lot of fun-ness in them, but moms say Gracie and I are not allowed to play with them, no fair. But he is just a BAY-BEE and doesn't know about the niceness of sharing yet, so it's o.k. Besides, he is very interesting even withOUT his toys. Gracie especially thinks so...Moms told Jacob that it was time to go sleepies and put him in a wheelie bed, and he made noises that said he was not happy. I was a little worried about the noises, but he did go sleepies so I guess he wasn't THAT sad.

(That's me looking worried up there...those sad BAY-BEE no-sleepies noises are worrisome.) I hope Jacob comes back soon!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Life is good...and boring.

Jaida here (that's me...).

This fab-three-legger is hoping she's not boring you to tears. I think I read on Xena's blog that being a dog with only ONE GOOD LEG stops being very exciting after a while because life just becomes very normal-ish...

And it has. I am still bunny-hopping and fabulous. My sister Gracie is still my hero (we're really the bestest of buds these days). My moms still take us for nice walks in the woods and play frisbee with us in the yard and chase me out of the veggie garden (although they dug up all the nummy tomato plants this weekend, how rude!)

I think the only exciting thing that happened to me recently was that I got to meet a very small person named Jacob, who is my cousin. Jacob is about the smallest person I've ever met. He doesn't talk and he smells really, really, interesting. He has soft skin and very small hands that like to touch my fur. I liked him a lot (so did Gracie, she cried because she couldn't see him very well when moms told her to DOWNSTAY). I hope we get to spend more time with him.

Other than that: boring. But, moms still take pictures of me, on account of my cuteness, so I can share those with you.

You can see that my boo-boo is all better (mom Crystal keeps telling me I need to grow more fur, but I'M WORKING ON IT, ALREADY!!!)

My ONE GOOD LEG is strong like Popeye...

And moms still can't beat me at tug-of-war...