Monday, October 29, 2007

The very small person.

Jaida here.

The very small person, Jacob, visited us again for the day. He has many toys that have a lot of fun-ness in them, but moms say Gracie and I are not allowed to play with them, no fair. But he is just a BAY-BEE and doesn't know about the niceness of sharing yet, so it's o.k. Besides, he is very interesting even withOUT his toys. Gracie especially thinks so...Moms told Jacob that it was time to go sleepies and put him in a wheelie bed, and he made noises that said he was not happy. I was a little worried about the noises, but he did go sleepies so I guess he wasn't THAT sad.

(That's me looking worried up there...those sad BAY-BEE no-sleepies noises are worrisome.) I hope Jacob comes back soon!

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