Monday, November 17, 2008

BAY-BEE bendy Charlotte is growing up!

Jaida here.

We had to share more cuteness (we're all about cuteness around here). The BAY-BEE bendy is getting bigger! Look like she has some TUFF-ness as well as cuteness! Mom Crystal says that Charlotte has a new mom and dad who is waiting for her to come live with them when she's bigger...yay!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Bendy BAY-BEE!

Jaida here.

I just wanted to share some pictures of BAY-BEE bendy Crystal got an email from a nice lady whose momma dog just had puppies...and one little girl has a fabulously bendy foot! The BAY-BEE is strong and wriggly but not bunny-hopping yet on account of her teeniness and BAY-BEE-ness. Mom Crystal says it's important not to be sucky and wimpy with BAY-BEE bendyfoots, and that their moms (even if they're very nice) should not carry them around because bendies are very strong and capable and crafty and independent and do NOT need to be carried (how rude!!!)
Mom Crystal also thinks it's important to show pictures of other bendyfooted dogs, so that other moms and dads out there don't think they're all alone.

So here is the little bendy...she is kinda pink and not ready to open her eyes yet, but still has much cuteness.