Thursday, April 17, 2008


Crystal here.

I know it's been a while again, sorry.

Unfortunatly I have no good news to report. In a nutshell, Jaida fell quite lame in her right hind leg about 7 weeks ago. X-rays were inconclusive, but showed mild, non-clinical (i.e. non-arthritic) hip dysplasia. Diagnosis: soft tissue injury.

Fast forward to yesterday. Jaida's still very lame. New x-rays are taken. I don't know the whole situation, but the words "bad hip dysplasia" and "hip replacement surgery" just about sum it up.

We have likely hit the wall with respect to our ability to help Jaida, surgically, any further. We will have to simply do our best to manage her pain and keep her happy as best we can.

This is really awful news, we are reeling from it, even though we were bracing ourselves for the worst.

This IS the worst.

On that note, I want to rant for a minute about freaking backyard breeders. To all you idiots out there that are mating a male and female dog you just happen to have and just happen to think are pretty special, just to get some puppies in order to make a quick buck, you're all scum. Learn about genetics, pedigree, get a mentor, and freaking test your dogs for heritable disorders before you breed them, register your dogs, so suckers like us don't end up with a trainwreck of a puppy that we fall in love with and they end up breaking our hearts. You suck.