Thursday, April 19, 2007

Henry, the three-legged Angel

Jaida here.

I just got an email from my new paw-pal, Henry. Henry is rather like me, in that he is furry and oh-so-gorgeous. Oh, yes, and he only has three legs.

Henry is a very famous guy, a real celebrity. He has been on T.V. and in magazines and newspapers and he even has written BOOKS! I think I need to get moms to call his agent....

Anyways, fabulous Henry has decided that I, too, am fabulous (naturally) and is going to send me some of his books! My moms are very excited about this, because they tell me that other people are going to want these books, and these people will give them some of that paper stuff they need to take care of my boo-boo leg.

If Henry were here, I would be bouncing all over him and giving him all kinds of kisses for making my moms so happy! Thanks, Henry!

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