Monday, July 16, 2007

The queen reclaims her throne.

Jaida here.

So. Mom Crystal has been HOGGING this blog for too long. I am reclaiming my rightful place as PRINCESS, no, make that QUEEN of the blog and its entire surrounding universe. My fabulous self is back.

The last time I wrote, I was telling you all about my PEANUT-BUMP...all that was left of my fabulously bendy boo-boo foot. Well, things have changed again. That ol' PEANUT-BUMP was simply not doing a thing for my cuteness (it was just a little too oozy), so it's gone too...definitely a bye-bye foot. So now, I am streamlined and sleek...and although still BALD, I am gorgeous (of course).

I have, in my cleverness, finally convinced moms that I am much better now after all those SUR-GER-EES. So they are letting me out of that crate. I don't always want to do things like walk up stairs, but that's ok because I have moms to carry me. And I would like to run around the yard with Gracie, and I'm SURE I can, but my ONE GOOD LEG gets a little tireder than it used to. Moms say I just need to go SLOWLY and that all my strongness will come back to how it used to be. But I am a very busy gal and I have mudpuddles to visit and Daisy's to chew on, so this SLOWLY stuff better be quick.

The place where my boo-boo leg used to be doesn't hurt much anymore. I can go sleepies on that side, where I am BALD, and I don't feel like I need to scream about it. There are still little crunchy bits on the boo-boo, that I would very much like to investigate, but moms are still making me wear my t-shirts. I will have to THOROUGHLY investigate once my cleverness convinces them to take my t-shirts off.

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