Thursday, July 19, 2007

My first day of freedom!!!

Jaida here.

As you can see, my ouchie is much better now. Mom Crystal picked off a bunch of the crusty bits (she's just gotta pick sometimes!). It's not so itchy now and so moms left my t-shirt off all evening. I was a well-behaved gal and did not try to lick...I mean ouchie.
It is still BALD.

BUT...moms thought I was doing things like UP and DOWN stairs and walking nicely, so they let me PLAY WITH GRACIE!!!!!
My sister and I ran and ran and ran and ran. I chased her, then she chased me and did snarly growlies so I rolled on the ground (her snarly growlies kind of scare me, but not really), then I got up and chased her again until she did growlies some more. This gorgeous-and-oh-so-fab-three-legged gal is definitely happy to be running again!!! I think Gracie missed me a little...

So then I was tired, so I found a nice smelly thing in the grass (I think it was a dead worm), and I chewed on it a bit. Then I rolled in it.
Funny...moms just smiled and laughed...usually they say "EWWWW, GROSS!!!" but I think they let me do it on account of my cuteness.

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