Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Boring old medical stuff.

Crystal here.

Well, I'm going to bore you all to tears with some medical updates.
Jaida had a recheck with Dr. Sparling on the weekend, and passed with flying colours. She's healed up, looking good, and can get back to the business of playing in mudpuddles and such. She's off all meds (has been for a few weeks), and is back to roaming about the house of her own accord.

You'll recall that the original plan was to retain part of her leg and have her fitted with a prosthesis...obviously that's not in the cards these days (no stump = no prosthesis). So now we're on a mission to do everything we can to prevent wear or premature degeneration of the joints of her remaining legs. This is going to be especially important for her ONE GOOD LEG, which now bears about 60% of her body weight.

We're exploring a few things:

1. a diet change, to a food that encourages lean body mass (high protein/low carbohydrate), provides antioxidants, and contains supplements that will support her joints (omega 3 fatty acids and glucosamine). We're trying out a food by Purina called JM (Joint Mobility) for starters, but we continue to research other products. Lately we've become a little more careful about the types of ingredients in our pets' foods, and are leaning towards more holistic varieties.

2. supplements of fish oil and of glucosamine/chondroitin. These will help with inflammation and joint repair. The amount we give her is going to ultimately depend on the type of food she ends up eating...i.e. if the food provides her with the appropriate "dose" of these supplements on its own.

We'll update on these items as we get the kinks/details sorted out. Stay tuned!

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