Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Our little trooper.

Crystal here.

I had a quick moment to grab a computer, and wanted to let you all know how Jaida's doing 5 days post-op.

In a word, AWESOME!!! Doesn't she look great?
We couldn't be happier. She's happy, active (more than she should be), doesn't seem to be in pain, and looking wonderful. We took her home on Friday morning (earlier than we thought we would), and since then she hasn't looked back. It's honestly as if she has no idea that she just underwent major surgery.
We had a bit of a fright on Sunday, after she escaped from us and started wrestling with Gracie (sigh)...her stump started "leaking"...but after a few calls to the after-hours emergency vet, it was decided she'd be ok until her recheck the next morning. We got her bandages off, and things were looking good (the leaking was normal post-surgery fluid buildup escaping through a popped stitch). We're going to keep her bandaged for now, until the fluid subsides and she show a little less interest in licking her incisions.

We are still quite computer-less until next week, but rest assured that Jaida's happy, healthy and as gorgeous as ever.


Milo said...

glad you took the time to update us on Jaida ;) I had to give Milo painkillers about a day longer than the vet told me to keep him calm. Otherwise he would have been too active (or trying to), which was not recommended.
She looks GREAT!

louthepou said...

Hurray for Jaïda! Hurray for her moms!

Signed: The Three Dogs: Penelope, Becassine, Buddy