Thursday, June 14, 2007

It's done!

And she's o.k.

Everything went well, no complications other than some trickiness because of the wonky way the bones at her elbow articulated...but things went smoothly.

She's awake and alert. More alert than the vet expected her to be at this point. She's on painkillers and antiobiotics, and they will keep her overnight so that she stays quiet and still. We get to take her home tomorrow.


We may not be able to update as regularly as we'd like to for the next week, as we will be playing "nurse" for a while, but we will make sure to post all the details once we get back.

For those of you who have been sending prayers, good vibes and happy thoughts our way: thank you, it's paid off :-)


Bracken said...

Lots and Lots of puppy kisses to you Jaida, I hope your up and about soon puppy pal.

Here's to you and moms, ask for a bell and have them running off their feet he he.


Geoff said...

Truly enjoyed your blog and reading about Jaida's journey. Thank you!