Friday, May 11, 2007

My boo-boo leg is NOT a stick, Daisy!!

Jaida here.

I just came back from a WALK with mums. We went in the woods where all the mud puddles are and I think I succeeded in squooshing through all of them to acheive my desired level of dirty-ness.

Then we went to the house where Daisy and Tasha live. They are very big and pretty and yellow, but they both have four GOOD LEGS. Tasha is kind of like my sister in that they are both grumpsters and don't always like to play.

But Daisy is FUN!! She is very bigger than me and bounces on me, but does it with niceness. I bite her nose. She bites my ear. I steal her bone. She stands on me and stares at her bone. I jump on her head and fall down. She sits on me. I try to bonk her with my boo-boo leg. She CHEWS my boo-boo leg, the nerve!!


But you can chew it a little if we can play again, ok?

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