Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Long weekends ARE fun!

Jaida here.

Now I understand why moms say long weekends are fun! I was a busy gal, yep I was. Here's what I did:

chased Gracie in the woods; lay down in mud puddles; ate grass, leaves, dirt and bugs; swam in a creek; chewed bones; played with Gramma and Grampa; got a new BAY-BEE SOCKS from Gramma - very stylish and snazzy (that's me with my new SOCKS...it has a dinosaur on it...I am sleepy from all my long-weekend-ing); licked ice cream; rolled on a dead bird; played baseball and frisbee; got a french fry from a nice lady; played on a beach and splashed in the river; got chased out of the gardens by moms; played with Daisy; went for car rides; got a cookie from a nice lady; got to sleep in my BIG GIRL BED upstairs with moms; had many good sleeps and many good leg-twitchy dreams.

Much better than my last long weekend! I hope yours was fun too!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

okay...it sounded the perfect weekend...
right up until the rolling in a dead bird bit.
i hope you got a bath after that.
that'll teach you.