Thursday, April 12, 2007

Solution for boo-boo leg.

Jaida here.

Well, my moms finally figured out that a run-of-the mill boring ol' dog bootie, which is meant for a straight, flat foot, is simply not spectacular enough to put on my boo-boo leg, on account of it being of its own unique shape.
So, they have discovered an amazing device surely created just for gals
like me ... it is called a BAY-BEE SOCKS. They are shaped nicely curvy and cushioney in all the right places. I still will chew and rip off the BAY-BEE SOCKS because that is what my teeth are for. I have been hearing rumours about something called VELCRO and I have a sneaking suspicion that moms are going to do this VELCRO to my SOCKS, and knowing them it will make it harder for me to use my teeth for their functional purpose. But as I said before I am a very independent girl and my teeth are very crafty, so we will see... In the meantime, moms at least had the common sense of picking out very stylish and snazzy BAY-BEE SOCKS to grace my lovely boo-boo leg. Stylish and snazzy things are much more fun to chew and rip.

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