Wednesday, April 25, 2007

How to make your very own oh-so-stylish and fashionable BAY-BEE SOCKS

Jaida here.

Moms would like you all to have instructions for creating fashionable and oh-so-stylish booties for fabulously bendy club feet. Moms tell me that they work better than booties designed for flat-footed gals and require much less of that paper stuff to make.....
Step 1: Aquire different sizes of BAY-BEE SOCKS. Note: these should be stylish and fashionable (very important). One should be smaller and snug, the other should be longer and able to fit over the smaller one. Put stick-on (or sew-on) VELCRO on two places on the bigger sock, one near the top, the other near the bend at the ankle. Don't put the VELCRO around the whole sock, only around half of it so the sock can still stretch over the fabulously bendy foot. Have small peices of the other half of the VELCRO ready.

Step 2: Put on small BAY-BEE SOCK.

Step 3: Put bigger BAY-BEE SOCK on over small one.

Step 4: Use small velcro bits to snuggly hold the big SOCK on the leg.

Step 5: Play and be naughty and chew STICKS with now comfy and padded and protected and clean and oh-so-stylish bendy club foot.

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