Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The final(?) post

Hi faithful readers.

I think this will be the last post for the forseeable future. You see, life is just, well, LIFE now, and it's pretty boring. Two years ago I started this blog in the hopes that other dog people dealing with similar situations might find some useful or comforting information (in the "oh thank GOODness someone else has been through this before" kinda way).

Jaida is doing quite well. She has good days and bad days and she's still the dog that causes us the most worry out of the three. She still has allergies and may need to undergo a small surgery to remove a lump and fix some issues she's having in her, um, girly parts. She's the one who gets stung by wasps (because she tries to eat them, sigh) and inflates until she looks like a shar-pei. She sometimes get spasms in her front leg that make her yelp and us frantic. She has days when she's a bit stiff and it's obvious to us that she's going to be arthritic at a considerably younger age than most dogs. But MOST of the time she's just happy-go-lucky, sweet, sweet Jaida, who doesn't let her disfigurement stop her from enjoying her life to the fullest.

We all thank you for taking the time to follow Jaida's Journey. If anything super-fantastically-important comes up, I'll be sure to let you know.

Love from us all, and extra love to all the other lucky three-leggers and bendy-footed-pups out there whose humans recognized their worth.


louthepou said...

Long Live Jaida!

Janeothejungle said...

Thanks for a great blog Jaida (and moms)! We have a tri-pawd mastiff pup so it's nice to see other 'large' tri-pawds out there representing. May you have a long and happy life filled with eviscerated toys, meaty bones and belly rubs!

janeiro said...

No chance of a final update I always wonder how she is because I have a german shepherd that is the spitting image of her

Anonymous said...

so i guess i found this blog too late but i just got a baby pittbull with a bendy foot as well and I have some questions when it comes to raising him. If you have an email address still or can repost on this blog...please do and lemme know!

Jaida said...

Hi there, anonymous! If you're still interested you can contact me at help_jaida at the hotmail :-) Hope your little one has settled in!

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