Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My new sister!!!

Jaida here.

Meet Heidi! (But be very, very quiet....she's sleeping right now...)

Heidi is a BAY-BEE and is also a Very Small Dog on account of her teeniness. Heidi used to live with her mom, Melanie, who loved her very much and who helped make her healthy and strong...because she used to live in a not-so-nice place with not-so-nice people who didn't take very good care of her...kinda like oh-so-fabulous me. Mom Melanie thought that Heidi would be happy living with me and Gracie and Solomon and Boo and mom Kim and mom Crystal.... she's a lucky three-mom girl!!!!

Even though she is teenie, she is TUFF and when we play (and play and play and play) she beats me up a little bit. But I let her do it on account of her funness and cuteness. Honest.

Gracie usually checks me over to make sure that her TUFFness didn't break me....I think I may have been killed.

Heidi thinks my big sister Gracie is toooooo cool and would really like to play with her but Gracie sometimes does snarly-growlies so she mostly just sneaks up quiet and close and watches.

Mom Crystal says she will put up more pictures of our family after she gets more sleep. (Apparently BAY-BEE dogs are very BIZ-EE and beansy especially when it is dark outside).

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