Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hip Fairy, are you out there???

Jaida here.

Moms have been sad about my new boo-boo leg. I'm trying to be a very good girl so they don't worry so much. I'm still playing with Gracie and digging clever holes in the wet grass and mud-puddle-ing a lot. My leg is sore, though, so I can't help but limp when I'm walking, and I don't always really like to do stairs.
Here's what my new boo-boo looks like:

My right hip (the one on the left, pay attention!!) does not fit in its socket nice and tightly, like the other one does. The ball of my leg is kinda square too (that's not good). The doctor wants to give me a brand new hip, but I think moms are waiting to figure out what to do.

Maybe the Hip Fairy will come give me a new hip?

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