Monday, January 7, 2008

A long-overdue update.

Crystal here.

I just realized how long it's been since we posted...sorry!!! (Jaida wanted me to point out that this was not her doing at all, she always has lots to say...)
So. Updates. Jaida's incision boo-boos are thankfully doing much better. The hairy one (ew) seems to have healed on it's own (thank the gods)...she's no longer licking at it, Gracie is no longer sniffing at it, and there's just a little grey-coloured patch where the scab used to be. Hooray! The bumpy one is still bumpy. Not bigger or anything, though, so we'll just keep watching that one. So, all in all, things are good and I'm really happy about Dr. Kitchen's decision not to do anything antibiotic-ey or anaesthetic-ey.
The girls had a wonderful Christmas, despite our best efforts. Kim and I had decided not to spend money on the dogs this year.

Yeah, right. So, two nylabones, two Dirty Rotten Kitty stuffies, two bully sticks (ew), two pig ears (ew) and two stockings from Grandma and Grampa later...they were spoiled and happy.
The girls also have a new regular playmate at our house: the neighbour's golden retriever, Daisy. A very pleased-with-herself Jaida appeared on the back porch with Daisy in tow one weekend, and Daisy now runs over to play with Jaida whenever her people parents are away. We love Daisy. How could you not? Look at this face!!!!
This is her "please let me in" look.
Gracie is amazing with you know her history with other dogs has been a But Gracie fully accepts her. She's not enthralled with her like Jaida is. But then, Jaida's easily enthralled. They do have a wonderful time together, though...

That's it for now. I'll try not to let it go this long next time. Ta!

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