Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Home ALONE!!!

Crystal here.

We've done the unthinkable (well, in Jaida's mind anyways)...Jaida's home alone today.

The oh-so-fabulous Miss Gracie, Jaida's buddy and constant companion, is visiting the vet for the day. Why? She has somehow managed to CRACK IN HALF one of her teeth, so it needs to be surgically removed. How does one crack a tooth in half, for pete's sake? I mean, I understand that the little ones in the front can get chipped easily enough, but CRIPES! There, I circled the one she broke...it's HUGE (called a carnassial)! Ouch. It's the main one used for chewing/cutting...no more bones for Gracie after this I guess, she's gonna be all gummy. She may actually lose them on both sides...we noticed that what used to be a tartar lump on the other, non-cracked upper carnassial, is now a tartar-free tooth with a red spot that looks suspiciously like a hole. Siiiiggghhhh.

So, we dog-proofed the house as much as possible, closed all the doors to all the rooms, but I suspect that we will come home to a very distressed and talkative (read: whingy, panty, groany) Jaida, a.k.a. Miss Separation Anxiety, and ample quantities of poo, pee, puke or chewed-up stuff. I planted treats and toys all over the house to keep her busy before I snuck out with Gracie, but I'll be very surprised if she made it through the day without a melt down.

Gracie, a.k.a. Miss Sensitivity is likely to be all sad and sucky when we pick her up tonight. Just look at that face:

Yup, she's going to be a big suck-head tonight.

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louthepou said...

Hi there!

Good luck with Gracie, hope the house will survive :)

Penelope had three teeth removed last year. So she knows what it's like; all her best wishes are with Gracie!