Friday, July 6, 2007

Back home, and rearing to go!!!

Crystal here.

So, Jaida's home and looking...GREAT!!! She's happy, comfortable, and full of can tell she's just DYING to have a full-tilt crazy puppy circles run around the yard with Gracie, chase her cats...all that good stuff. We're going to have to keep her crated for a while, for her own safety. Not a big deal, although her "I-hate-being-crated" temper tantrums are a tad now than they used to be.

Her incision and surgical site look awesome. Healthy, flat, clean...really, really good. Only a bit of dampness came out of the lower drain last night...and really only clear fluids.

We are soooo looking forward to the time when we can let Jaida and Gracie rip around the yard again, and take them for their nice long walks in the woods. Get back to normal life, in other words. We're almost there.

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