Friday, June 29, 2007


Crystal here.

Jaida's still in the capable hands of Dr. Sparling and his team, and is doing well. She is apparently resting nicely (although is demanding attention in her typical Jaida-esque way...loudly) and her pain is being managed very well...she's about a "2" on a scale of 10. She was released from her "cell" (just kidding) for a pee break this morning, but was too busy talking and visiting with everyone to do her business...she's such a social gal.

She continues to have fluid buildup. Some of it is leaking out through a part of the incision, but the rest is pooling in her chest/abdomen area (gravity is simply pulling it down). Her incision is being left uncovered for now, and is looking good.

Dr. Sparling is going to consult with his colleagues about Jaida's case and together they will determine the best course of action for terms of the fluid management, drainage, and bandaging. He mentioned the possibility that she may have a minor blood clotting disorder. Nothing serious, or she would have bled out during her surgeries, and her other incisions (spay, dewclaws) would not have healed as well as they did. In the meantime, I am happy that she is comfortable, resting, cooperative with her "staff", and in good spirits.

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