Wednesday, June 13, 2007

One more day.

Jaida here.

Moms are smelling a little nervous these days. I think it's because tomorrow is my SUR-GER-EE day with nice Dr. Sparling. Moms told me that's going to be when my boo-boo leg turns into a bye-bye leg.

Apparently I'm going to be sleeping through the whole thing, so I won't be able to offer my opinion (which I am NOT used to at all - I have a lot of very important and clever opinions about things), but I'm sure nice Dr. Sparling will do great and make sure I still look gorgeous (just a little less bonky and twisty and dangly).

I think moms are feeling a little scared, but I know things will be o.k. And I can tell they're a little sad, too, about the bye-bye boo-boo (it is, after all, a part of my cute-ness and special-ness). But I have PLENTY of other cute-ness-es about me, and the darn ol' thing is still getting in my way and getting bonked. I don't think I'm going to miss it that much.

Moms will let you all know tomorrow how I'm doing. Thanks for being part of my fan club!!!

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