Monday, June 25, 2007

I am still fabulous me.

Jaida here.

Life has been a tad weird for this oh-so-gorgeous gal lately.

My fabulously bendy boo-boo foot is now a foot.

A marvelous peanut-bump is now in it's place!!! I will admit, though, that my peanut-bump is not quite at the gorgeous state just yet. In fact, it is BALD and there are metal thingies and stringy thingies in it that my crafty teeth would like to examine a bit more closely, and it has a tendency to leak in a most unbecoming manner.

So, in order to ensure that my peanut-bump gets the glamourous reveal it deserves, moms are hiding it under t-shirts until it is up to par. I am not sure why they make me wear a CONE all the time. It keeps me from inspecting my peanut-bump for signs of its future fabulous-ness, how rude.

Also, despite my telling moms that I am FINE they will NOT let me play. Not outside, not with my cats, not with Gracie, not even with gentle Daisy. There have been no walks in the woods or mudpuddles. Only trips to see nice Dr. Sparling and his helper-doctors. It sucks.

But, I am getting lots of pets and belly rubs, and moms are carrying me everywhere, and I get lots of car rides (which I have now decided are actually as fun as Gracie claimed), and people keep giving me treats and cookies, and I get a lump of peanut butter twice a day, and I take lots of comfy naps. So I guess it's not all bad.

All of this to say, I am still fabulous, just a little less bendy, and I'm doing just fine.

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