Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Ode to Gracie.

Crystal here.

Kim asked me to pen a special "ode to Gracie". She's right...it's definitely well-deserved.

Gracie, Grace, Gracie-goose, Gooser, Pooper, Pooper-doo...what would we do without you???

Gracie has been an amazing, amazing, amazing dog throughout Jaida's whole ordeal and introduction to our family. She has accepted this bratty brat-child boo-boo leg mudpuppy into her pack, and has put up with all of Jaida's puppy foolishness...the chasing, the stealing of bones and toys, the constant nipping at her mouth for attention. Gracie hardly gets a moment's peace when Jaida is around. Gracie has endured a whole lot of "sorry, you can't come" car rides (one of her favourite things) as Jaida gets trucked off to yet another appointment with the vet. She has had to share the bed, the play times, the snuggles, the sunbeam sleepy spots, and her mummies.
Gracie never holds a grudge.

Jaida just LOVES Gracie. Loves, loves, loves her. Want to touch her, be close to her, look at her, follow her...any of these sets Jaida into a full-body-all-out-tail-wag of pure joy. Gracie, we're sure, has pushed Jaida to really stretch her physical capabilities and build her endurance...Jaida is highly motivated to go everywhere Gracie goes and do everything Gracie does.
Gracie takes this all in stride.

These days, Jaida is starting to show some signs of maturity and settling. There is a little less of the puppy foolishness, and Gracie is starting to appreciate her more and a friend and playmate. This morning, after some morning mummie snuggles (and getting bonked repeatedly on the head with Jaida's boo-boo foot throughout), Gracie leaned over and gave Jaida kisses right on the lips. Jaida thought she died and went to heaven.

Gracie is sweet, smart, beautiful, funny, happy, friendly, silly, patient, forgiving and kind. We love her to bits. She makes our hearts full and happy. Thanks Goose!

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Anonymous said...

Gracie is awsome, a wonderful big sister and mentor. We sometimes forget the other dog worring about the one that needs special attention. Thanks for the profile of Gracie.