Thursday, May 31, 2007

And what do the cats think?

Jaida here.

My cats have been not around in my stories. But that is probably because they spend a lot of time hiding or running away from me. I think there is a LOT of fun-ness in chasing them around the house, and I especially like to jump on Solomon and trap him under my boo-boo leg (he always yells at me when I do that, the big baby).
Boo is too important to be bothered with a boo-boo footed gal like me (even if I AM fabulous).

Riley thinks my nose is a punching bag (she's an even bigger grumpster than Tasha). But she has TWO boo-boo legs with wonky knees and only half a tail, so I guess she's allowed to be a grumpster.

And for some reason (even with all of my cleverness I cannot figure out why) Solomon is always jumping up to high places where my boo-boo leg and I can't reach. No fair.

I think Solly might be happy when my boo-boo leg is a bye-bye leg. Yep, I know about the bye-bye part. Moms have told me what a SUR-GER-EE is and have been telling me a bit about what's going to happen when I go see nice Dr. Sparling soon. It sounds a little weird, but they tell me that I am going to be JUST FINE and that they won't let it hurt too much.

They also tell me that maybe they will do something about my bye-bye boo-boo. My moms love me (well, duh, who wouldn't love a gorgeous gal like me?) and I know they will do what's best.

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louthepou said...

I bet the moms are showing the early signs of pre-sur-ger-ree anxiety...

Do believe your own selves, dear friends, she will be fine!