Friday, March 30, 2007

Happiness is a stick to chew to bits...

Jaida here.

My mom Crystal was away for a whole week (she has a j-o-b that makes her leave sometimes). Mummy Kim took great care of me. I learned something called "manners"... it's a type of torture where mummy makes me SIT and WAIT while she puts my food bowl down. I have to WAIT until OK, which means the torture is over and I can EAT! I like food a lot, have I ever mentioned that?

The snow all disappeared this week too. This was sad, but underneath the snow another favourite thing of mine was hiding: STICKS. Lots and lots and lots of STICKS all over the place. It is my job to find them and chew them into little bits, especially STICKS that Gracie finds. She finds them for me to chew, I'm sure that is her job, but for some reason she gets grumpy when I take them. She's funny.

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